Anonymous asked: George's cheeks are the chubbiest things! So besides royals, what else do you like to do?? SA

They are! I just can’t get over his cuteness :) i like to do a bit of photography and film making :) what about you?

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Anonymous asked: I have such a huge list but William, Kate, Victoria, George, Harry, Phillip and Estelle are some. I'm so excited for the tour!! SA

aww i can’t wait for the tour! George is just too cute, i need to cuddle him hahaha!

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Anonymous asked: I think he is so gorgeous and completely charming. :) so besides Harry, who else is your favorite royal?? SA

he is!! i love Will, Kate, The queen, Phillip, Charles, Diana, Eugenie, Beatrice and then i like Victoria and Madeline! What about you?

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myfavoriteroyals asked: Hey there! I can finally tell you that I was your SA for March. I hope you had as much fun getting to know me as I did getting to know you.

hey! thank you very much! :) 

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Anonymous asked: Hello!! April SA here!!! I take it you really like prince Harry??

hello! yes i do hahha :)

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