I saw Prince Harry today and was standing literally 5m away from him, he is even more beautiful in real life Someone on twitter who saw Prince Harry at Cutty Sark today. (via regencyduchess)

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Why is prince Harry’s hair red?

Cause the queen did the do with someone new

…do you know who Prince Harry is?

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Prince Philip has engagements elsewhere so the Queen has come on her own to Prince George’s birthday party.

Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter)

I think some were at Buckingham Palace and then rumoured to be in Greenwich later on incase people thought the worst :)

He’s busy being Valdimir Putin at the moment. (via teamphilipftw)

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My girlfriend is away camping for the week which sucks, so she sent me loads of cute little letters and she sent me a postcard with the queen because i love the royals and she said she’s wants to go Buckingham Palace with me …awww she’s too cute..

But in 3 days, she’s coming to visit me and my friends which i am soooooooo excited for but also nervous. She’ll be meeting my parents…

oh and if anyone of you were wondering…i’m bi so woop woop for me!

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